The Lost Irishman’s Mine

Do you have a sense of adventure?  Do you dream of finding treasure?

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Then you’ve come to the right place.  Experience the anticipation of discovery, the thrill of adventure, and maybe the splashing of a little water.  It’s an inevitable thing – but all part of the fun!  There’s even a legend surrounding the Lost Irishman’s Mine.  Read on below for the Tale of the Lost Irishman . . . .

Legend has it, that a century ago there was an Irishman who wanted to make his fortune.  He dreamed of adventure in the wilds and coming home in triumph a rich man.  Then he would be able to marry his sweetheart, and show those who doubted him that he was a great man.  He took his savings and journeyed in search of gold.

He traveled for weeks, finding nothing, but he was not discouraged.  He couldn’t give up.  Then one day, near a stream he’d stumbled on after almost falling into it, he noticed a glint in the gravel on the shore.  Pulling out his equipment, he detached the fragment of stone and held it up to the light.  It was a gemstone!  Rough, but unmistakable.  Here was the opportunity to make his fortune.  Not gold as he had originally intended, but gems would do the trick just as well.

He worked for weeks until he had a significant pile of gemstones saved.  Now to get them back to civilization.  He packed them up and began his trek back, working on a map so he could find his way back.  Disaster came in the form of a sudden storm.  He was disoriented and looking for shelter.  He lost his pack and supplies before he found a cave for shelter.

Months later he wandered into town, crazy and muttering about a river of gems.  No one could get his name out of him.  He talked of nothing but the river of gems he had discovered, but he wouldn’t tell anyone how to find it.  Then one night he disappeared again.  Most people suspected he had gone back to look for his treasure.  The story of the Lost Irishman’s Mine grew and spread and adventurers came from far away to try their hand at finding it.

This mine you’ve found, is this the true Lost Irishman’s Mine?  Will you find your treasure here?  There’s only one way to find out . . .

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