Farm Store

Looking for something to remember your visit by?  No problem.  Check out our farm store for handcrafted items you can take home as a souvenir that will also add a certain charm.  The selection changes with the seasons.  And remember, if there is something you’d like, but don’t see, please let us know so we can keep it in mind for the future.



Don’t forget the pumpkins!  There are pumpkins, mini pumpkins, gourds, indian corn bunches as well as the stalks – everything you need to decorate your home for fall into Halloween.  Don’t get fake plastic stuff from the store, get the real deal for an authentic fall feeling.



There is nothing like the smell of pine in the holiday season.  We have garland and wreaths made from real pine branches to decorate your home as well as Christmas trees to celebrate the holiday.  Many of our wreaths are already decorated for your convenience.  Just hang it up and you’re all set.


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